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1031 Exchanges

Defer Capital Gains Tax & Make More on Your Investments
You can defer capital gains taxes when you sell your property then reinvest in "like-kind" property using a 1031 exchange.

Five Types of 1031 Exchanges
The original: simultaneous exchange. One property is sold and the next is bought at the exact same time.
Most common: delayed exchange. One property is sold and the replacement property is bought within 180 days.
Most unusual: reverse exchange. As the name implies, replacement property is bought before the initial property is sold.
Improvement exchange is structured to use some of your capital to improve the property, build a road, for example.
Personal property exchange is used for "like-kind" exchanges for other than real estate - such as cattle, aircraft, mineral rights, etc.

Walk through the steps in a 1031 delayed exchange.

Successfully Using A 1031 Exchange
Seek advice early in the planning stage from an experienced 1031 exchange facilitator. An experienced facilitator can give you valuable suggestions on how to structure the transaction so that it qualifies as a 1031 exchange and meets your investment objectives. Avoid using inexperienced individuals who merely fill out forms and file them.

Xchange Solutions has facilitated tens of thousands of 1031 exchanges. Our facilitators are some of the most experienced in the industry and are experts on this section of the tax code. This means you'll know how an exchange will apply to your situation, including the "silent" areas of the tax code. Your CPA and attorney can call an Xchange Solutions counselor FREE with questions regarding your 1031 exchange.

Ask an expert or contact us today to see if your transaction qualifies and to see how much tax you can defer.

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